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Kristina (Latvia)
Detailed, I am IT specialist and technical project lead with over 2 years of experience in IT and IT project...
Rating: 5
4 years ago
Shuntoria Reid
5 months ago
Kelvin (United Kingdom)
8 months ago
Yuliia (Ukraine)
Motivated, adaptable, and responsible QC engineer with 2 years’ experience in IT, able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and quickly...
10 months ago
Vedant (India)
Student, Game Dev with extensive experience in testing apps for App store and devs like ubisoft and rockstar in the...
2 years ago
3 years ago
Anatolie (Moldova, Republic of)
Experienced professional
3 years ago
Shea Marie (United States)
3 years ago
Radomir Lazarevic (China)
3 years ago
BrandoJr (Serbia and Montenegro)
3 years ago