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Terms & Conditions

Posted: 4 years ago


Project owners tells us information about their projects and what they need to test.

We publish all projects on the projects list.

Project owners tells us what rewards can be applied for beta testers. You will see information about this in project description or test task description.

Some projects can be without rewards. It is also announced in project details.

However QAProvider team willing to give rewards from our team as well for useful feedbacks & reports. Decision about was it useful or not made by project owner.

QAProvider.com Beta project

This is our own project QAProvider.com - Beta as you can see. It also can be tested.

Here, our whole team make a decision about rewards. We appreciate all reports & feature requests! However we have our feature plan and future vision. If report is something new for us and useful we give rewards! If not - sorry, will not.

Test task

This is a test task that should be done for a specific project. Be careful to test out of scope! We do not guarantee that testing out of scope can be rewarded! But sometimes it also works if you find something really important for project owner.


All task can be completed. When you complete a task we ask you for feedback. It is something that you can say about project or testing task. It is something that can prove that you really did something. That is why we have here 2 fields for you: what you have done and your feedback! Usually only your rating increased for feedback. However sometimes it might change your balance as well!


We have 2 report types: Bug & Feature request. Both can be rewarded and change your rating and balance.


We have 2 types of rewards: Rating & Balance.

Both are important!


Balance is your earnings and everything is clear here. If not send us request here we will add information.


Rating is your value within our testing community. What does it give you? All project owners are able to see your rating and they can approve your application based on your rating. Higher rating means higher testing skills!

Recruitment companies are able to search engineers on specific web sites. And we are one of them. Your profile represents your skills. Your rating represents your qualification and proven experience.

Nobody will give your information to recruitment companies without your approval!

Why my balance wasn't changed?

Sometimes your reward is only rating changes. It depends on your feedback or report use. If you wasn't rewarded with money probably you gave just a common report that is not useful. Have a look on others and try to understand why they got rewards. And next time you will get rewards as well!

How long to wait for review of my feedback or report?

Usually it takes 1-2 working days. However some reports need time to make a decision. Be patient, everything will be reviewed.

All project has there deadlines. We guarantee that all reports & feedback will be reviewed not more than 2 weeks after project finished.

Project owner needs time to go through all reports and choose the best ones. Our team also need time to cooperate with project owners and decide who made the biggest impacts on their projects. As we are from all over the world living in different time zones cooperation might take some time! But we are trying to do our best to make all decisions faster!


The minimum amount of withdrawal now is $10. We are able to pay on PayPal and do bank transfers through Revolut, TransferWise or PaySend.

When you have $10 on your balance you will be able to request for withdrawal.

Please, kindly note that payments can be executed within 48 hours from your request in working days!

Bank transfers might take for 3-5 working days. It depends on your bank.

Warning! Commission fees are on your side, we do not pay for the commissions, we just send you amount that you have on balance.

We are start up!

This is also important you to know! Our community is growing fast. We are trying to do our best to satisfy all your needs.


If you have any questions regarding this Terms & Conditions, please contact us through our contact form!


Best Regards,

QAProvider Team

Last updated: 13 Jan 2020