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QAProvider feedback on Beta Testing

Nuano iOS App
Questions: 1) Did you like working with QAProvider? 2) Was the expected result obtained? 3) Was the help from QAProvider helpful when working with reports? 4) You can add something from yourself :) Answers: 1) Yes, I liked it very much, thanks.2) Yes, we have achieved a result, having learned... Read more
Team size: 20 testers, Bug reports: 18, Feature requests: 10, Feedback: 5
Posted: 2 years ago, Views: 801
SimpListic - Modern Grocery List app
My experience was great. We really weren't expecting the number of users we got requests for, since you said 20-30. But this is good, we are happy to get that amount of feedback. Your platform was pretty easy to use, I would definitely recommend to colleagues. Also, thank you for... Read more
Team size: 53 testers, Bug reports: 107, Feature requests: 36, Feedback: 5
Posted: 3 years ago, Views: 916
iOS+Android application testing (bughunt)
Translation of feedback: Maxim, good afternoon The experience was great, I liked it. From the point of view of the idea of crowd testing I gained everything that I had hoped - a lot of users and devices give good results, especially on android ( all the reports on iOS... Read more
Team size: 66 testers, Bug reports: 76, Feature requests: 14, Feedback: 11
Posted: 3 years ago, Views: 1046
Windows software testing on low resolution screens
We prepared new version of our app, but it didn't sell well enough. We've been struggling to find the reason. Hopefully, testers at were able to find several serious problems in our new version. After fixing these issues, new version started selling much better than before. Ivan, owner at... Read more
Team size: 15 testers, Bug reports: 15, Feature requests: 0, Feedback: 1
Posted: 3 years ago, Views: 414
NUSIC Beta - Mashup DJ
The experience on QAProvider has been excellent, the support we received from Max and the team has been consistently awesome. Through having our Beta available on this site we have been able to identify some of the problems with our App and get some of them fixed already. I am... Read more
Team size: 121 testers, Bug reports: 40, Feature requests: 37, Feedback: 31
Posted: 4 years ago, Views: 352
Visipops - Responsive Pop-ups
Overall, my experience with QAProvider has been great, from initial contact to successful conclusion of the beta test. The team provided a lot of support - drafting a test procedure, setting up a site where testers could deploy Visipops tracking code, and helping manage the Q&A with testers. The team... Read more
Team size: 101 testers, Bug reports: 55, Feature requests: 19, Feedback: 14
Posted: 4 years ago, Views: 239
Formulas and Me - Microsoft Excel formulas recommendations
Thank you so much for allowing me to use your testing service. It was absolutely amazing! I will definitely use it again in the near future for another upcoming project. The winners are: 1. Varish 2. Pablo Zuniga I will send over the codes for the Amazon gift cards for... Read more
Team size: 75 testers, Bug reports: 8, Feature requests: 9, Feedback: 21
Posted: 4 years ago, Views: 275