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Svetlana (Moldova, Republic of)
i enjoy learning ) used to work a lot, so i'm workaholic))))
Rating: 69 Karma: 7
5 months ago
Cristina (Moldova, Republic of)
Rating: 69
6 months ago
Hidden (Romania)
When I'm training dogs, I have great focus, magical skills, powerful ambition and I always succeed. Why? Because I never...
Rating: 21
2 months ago
Rating: 21
2 months ago
Natalia (Moldova, Republic of)
A three year experience, fully involved in specialization and great attentiveness to details.
Rating: 9
1 month ago
Miron Daniela (Moldova, Republic of)
Rating: 7
7 months ago
Camelia (Romania)
Rating: 6
2 months ago
Ion (Romania)
Rating: 6 Karma: 1
9 months ago
Camelia Cimpean (Romania)
Rating: 6
9 months ago
Olga (Moldova, Republic of)
I'm passionate about testing and enjoy when things work as expected.
Rating: 4
4 months ago