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Dmitrijs (Latvia)
Passionate about UI/UX. Love to finish job on time and with maximum result!
Rating: 64
4 years ago
Anastasija (Latvia)
Recently I realised that I want to become a tester and not only because quality was always important to me,...
Rating: 54
4 years ago
Ruslan (Latvia)
I am a young tester and have a great desire to become a professional in this subject. I enjoy learning...
Rating: 26
4 years ago
Vladimirs (Latvia)
Over 1 year of experience in manual testing and 3 years in Game Testing. Experienced in manual testing with the...
Rating: 9
4 years ago
Jekaterina (Latvia)
I'm a young QA specialist and I am very interested in any testing projects.
Rating: 6
3 years ago
Kristina (Latvia)
Detailed, I am IT specialist and technical project lead with over 2 years of experience in IT and IT project...
Rating: 5
4 years ago
Iveta (United Kingdom)
1 year ago
Annija Milere (Latvia)
3 years ago
Artjoms (Latvia)
Manual test developer at Docupace Technologies
3 years ago
Jans Krupskis (Latvia)
4 years ago