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Rating: 543 Karma: 16
4 years ago
Natalia (Moldova, Republic of)
If you look for someone who is well versed in conducting Quality Assurance of your product: I am this person.
Rating: 285 Karma: 2
3 years ago
Alona (Ukraine)
PERSONALITY HIGHLITES: motivated by challenge and problem solving; enjoy working in team as well as independently; quick learner: easily pick...
Rating: 224 Karma: 25
3 years ago
Thang (Viet Nam)
Rating: 195
2 years ago
Sajina (India)
Rating: 186 Karma: 2
3 years ago
Alena (Russian Federation)
Rating: 156
3 years ago
Ivanna (Ukraine)
I have 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance.
Rating: 153 Karma: 27
4 years ago
Anna (Ukraine)
I like to use applications with high quality. So I want and I can to help produce these applications. I...
Rating: 115 Karma: 2
3 years ago
Elena (Ukraine)
Rating: 98
4 years ago
jcb4043 (Poland)
Rating: 90
2 years ago