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Roman (Ukraine)
My name is Roman. I'm 35. I like testing different resources and mobile devices. Now I work as a manual...
Rating: 1012 Karma: 39
1 year ago
Nataliya (Ukraine)
Rating: 156 Karma: 21
2 years ago
Thang (Viet Nam)
Rating: 146
8 months ago
Natalia (Moldova, Republic of)
If you look for someone who is well versed in conducting Quality Assurance of your product: I am this person.
Rating: 130 Karma: 1
1 year ago
Vitaliy (Ukraine)
I am looking for some testing job Able to work from home 6 hours per day
Rating: 52
1 year ago
Kabaneri (Poland)
Rating: 38 Karma: 4
11 months ago
Rating: 34
1 year ago
Alexandr (Ukraine)
Rating: 30
1 year ago
Darya (Ukraine)
Rating: 25 Karma: 4
2 years ago
PhuongLM (Viet Nam)
sociable, funny, enthusiasm
Rating: 19
4 months ago