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daniel (Viet Nam)
I'm a freelancer of developer. I want to be become a tester for test product to have qualify product before...
Rating: 197
4 months ago
Shailesh Chame
1 month ago
Andrew (Australia)
Application developer for over 20 years
7 months ago
Radomir Lazarevic (China)
1 year ago
Sabina Buruiana (Romania)
1 year ago
Aleksandr Yoda (Ukraine)
Understand QA basics, oop principles, android studio, networking, devops technics, system administration, virtualisation technologies
1 year ago
Deepak (India)
1 year ago
Igor (Ukraine)
1 year ago
Karyo Villanueva (Philippines)
What I am looking for now is a company that values customer relations, where I can join a strong team...
1 year ago
Felipe Miranda (United Kingdom)
1 year ago