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Lukas Köhl (Germany)
Rating: 8
9 months ago
Andrea (Croatia)
Long distance runner, QA tester
Rating: 2
5 months ago
Shea Marie (United States)
1 month ago
Celia Asinor
1 month ago
Veda Valles
2 months ago
Chirayu (United States)
2 months ago
George (United Kingdom)
3 months ago
Kate Hyshchuk (Ukraine)
I'm well organized, deadlines sensible and goal-oriented. I believe that devil is in details that why I train myself to...
4 months ago
Vitalii (Ukraine)
I have over 7 years of experience in IT industry and hold a position of Senior/Lead QA Engineer. I have...
4 months ago
Tatyana Polyakova
4 months ago