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Damian (Romania)
Rating: 26
1 year ago
Lukas Köhl (Germany)
Rating: 8
1 year ago
Vadim (Moldova, Republic of)
Gained experience working in banking and finance sector. Learned Java, SQL and different tools and frameworks for testing maximize efectivness...
Rating: 6
1 year ago
Yuliia (Ukraine)
I’m a manual QA engineer and I’m here to get more experience in beta-testing, also to test interesting new products.
Rating: 4
1 year ago
Andrea (Croatia)
Long distance runner, QA tester
Rating: 2
1 year ago
Vedant (India)
Student, Game Dev with extensive experience in testing apps for App store and devs like ubisoft and rockstar in the...
4 months ago
Natalie Brago
6 months ago
Viktoriia (Ukraine)
8 months ago
11 months ago
Shea Marie (United States)
1 year ago