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Tom (United Kingdom)
Overall experience in web testing – 1+ years (1 main long term project + ~2 small side projects within a...
Rating: 60 Karma: 3
1 year ago
Kabaneri (Poland)
Rating: 38 Karma: 3
2 months ago
Damian (Romania)
Rating: 23
8 months ago
Hidden (Romania)
I understand the software development cycle, the role of testing in it; I know the purpose and means of testing....
Rating: 22
1 year ago
1 month ago
Amanda (United States)
Strictly a mobile gamer! We exist!
2 months ago
CHETAN BHATIA (United Arab Emirates)
Experienced aviation professional.with in depth operational knowledge and drive for innovation. Have deployed several process and applications to enhance business...
2 months ago
Alina (Bermuda)
I’m a stay at home mom, a homemaker, looking for better ways to utilise my time.
2 months ago
Paul Bechler
2 months ago
Adam Łach
2 months ago