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Anastasija (Latvia)
Recently I realised that I want to become a tester and not only because quality was always important to me,...
Rating: 54
1 year ago
jickor (Viet Nam)
I want to be an expert in software testing
Rating: 30
11 months ago
Hidden (Romania)
When I'm training dogs, I have great focus, magical skills, powerful ambition and I always succeed. Why? Because I never...
Rating: 21
7 months ago
Alisa (Ukraine)
Rating: 14
11 months ago
Lukas Köhl (Germany)
Rating: 8
11 months ago
Jekaterina (Latvia)
I'm a young QA specialist and I am very interested in any testing projects.
Rating: 6
11 months ago
Kamil (Poland)
3 weeks ago
Olga (Russian Federation)
Mobile tester
5 months ago
nono (Viet Nam)
Love tree, animal
6 months ago
Diana (Romania)
7 months ago