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Ivanna (Ukraine)
I have 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance.
Rating: 128 Karma: 25
6 months ago
Phuong (Viet Nam)
Rating: 65 Karma: 4
6 months ago
Nanang (Indonesia)
A versatile product owner that has a vast knowledge of product testing. Enjoying running through product design for better experience
Rating: 24
1 month ago
Darya (Ukraine)
Rating: 11 Karma: 4
6 months ago
Rating: 6
6 months ago
Lukas Köhl (Germany)
Rating: 5
2 months ago
Oluwaseun (Nigeria)
Rating: 5
5 months ago
Andrii Shvaiuk (Ukraine)
1 week ago
Zoriana Stefanyshyn (Ukraine)
QA ready to help to improve quality of your software product.
1 week ago
John (Viet Nam)
2 weeks ago