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1 year ago
daniel (Viet Nam)
I'm a freelancer of developer. I want to be become a tester for test product to have qualify product before...
Rating: 197
4 months ago
Smitha Joseph
Rating: 8
1 year ago
Vijay Shrestha (Nepal)
Hello there, I am Vijay Shrestha Python developer and mobile app/game developer. I am also tech enthusiast and love writing...
Rating: 6
1 year ago
John (Philippines)
Rating: 5
1 year ago
PhuongLM (Viet Nam)
sociable, funny, enthusiasm
Rating: 2
3 weeks ago
Riteshsingh Rathor (India)
The Engineer
Rating: 1
1 year ago
Shailesh Chame
1 month ago
Mohamed Xeehan (Maldives)
10 months ago
Popescu (Romania)
I am an IT business entrepreneur. I have a lot of free time and I want to fill it with...
1 year ago