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Raja (India)
Rating: 484 Karma: 73
6 months ago
Nataliya (Ukraine)
Rating: 149 Karma: 21
6 months ago
QAProvider (United Kingdom)
Professional QA engineer with a huge development background
Rating: 141 Karma: 74
7 months ago
Ivanna (Ukraine)
I have 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance.
Rating: 128 Karma: 25
6 months ago
Anna (Ukraine)
I like to use applications with high quality. So I want and I can to help produce these applications. I...
Rating: 79
4 weeks ago
Artem (Ukraine)
Freelancer, learning API testing, java fir selenium
Rating: 74
3 months ago
Cristina (Moldova, Republic of)
Rating: 69
3 months ago
Arsalaan (Pakistan)
Hey, Being a skillful and expert SQA Engineer with experience of 3 years. I am willing to work for your...
Rating: 67
6 months ago
Manzeal (Nepal)
Rating: 63
6 months ago
Geetha (India)
Rating: 55 Karma: 13
6 months ago