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Ajdin (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
IT student from Cazin, I am very creative person and I would like to make some extra money.
Rating: 13
3 years ago
Sara (Serbia and Montenegro)
Taking personal responsibility, and with special attention and dedication to performance indicators throughout the Software Development Life Cycle, I am...
Rating: 9
3 years ago
Nikola (Serbia and Montenegro)
I am QA Tester familiar with Agile methodology, Scrum, Kanban and Jira software . Basics of manual testing and writing...
Rating: 4
3 years ago
Jelena (Serbia and Montenegro)
My name is Jelena and I am from Serbia, I have a master in Psychology. Being a QA helps me...
Rating: 2
3 years ago
David Bibic
1 year ago
Ezam (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
3 years ago
Djordje (Serbia and Montenegro)
Being inspired by innovations in IT in general, I have been intensively developing specific skills and acquiring knowledge regarding manual...
3 years ago
Radomir Lazarevic (China)
3 years ago
Zarko (Serbia and Montenegro)
QA Test Developer Throughout my work experience, I have worked as a remote QA Test Developer where I have polished...
3 years ago
3 years ago