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Welcome to our Discussion Club.
You can discuss here whatever you want!
Questions for QAProvider Team about projects / payments / other stuff are welcomed.
Questions to each other are welcomed! Meet up professionals, networking, co working!
Also, you can earn money posting articles here.
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Congratulations to all
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Publish date: 2 years ago

Cannot download the app via link
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Publish date: 2 years ago

New here any suggestions Or ideas?
Hello everyone, it's my first day here on QAProvider, do you guys have any suggestions for me how should I proceed to be a good tester and what are the best things about this platform?  Thanks and have a good day everyone. 
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Publish date: 2 years ago

My wishes to the all testers
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Publish date: 2 years ago

QAProvider Team
CyberChef - Useful decompression tools
Here we are to introduce useful tool for QA activities CyberChef. There are a lot of tools online that helps to decompress from one representation of data to another one. But this tools gives an ability to build the chain of transformation. Example on chain: Input -> Base64 decode -> Unzip. 
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Publish date: 2 years ago

QAProvider Team
The hard question for testers
The question: When I was 4, my sister was 2. I am now 44. How old is my sister? Developer answers: 44 - (4-2) = 42 What is your answer tester?
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Publish date: 2 years ago

New logo for the website
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Publish date: 2 years ago

QAProvider Team
API testing with Python + Pytest + Allure
How to write a first API test with Python + Pytest + AllurePlan: Install pytest as a tests frameworkInstall Allure as a nice test report toolWrite API test for Github APIRun all together having beautiful reportStart with: Installed ubuntu 20.04 focal (running on vagrant, box is ubuntu/focal64)Python 3.8.5 installed by default with...
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Publish date: 2 years ago

Withdrawal executed, but money not received - how to check the status
Good morning! On 2020-10-05 19:15:47 I requested withdrawal for money and email about execution of withdrawal has been sent on email. Payment method: BankTransfer May somebody check what is the status of this transaction? Or can I check this status and recheck payment information? (Because after last payment I reissued another bank...
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Publish date: 2 years ago

QA courses know about our site
Coach QA and blogger who works in the company EPAM mentioned us in a blog.
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Publish date: 3 years ago