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Dmitrijs (Latvia)
Passionate about UI/UX. Love to finish job on time and with maximum result!
Rating: 64
4 years ago
Manzeal (Nepal)
Rating: 63
4 years ago
Tom (United Kingdom)
Overall experience in web testing – 1+ years (1 main long term project + ~2 small side projects within a...
Rating: 63 Karma: 3
4 years ago
Hidden (Bulgaria)
I very much like testing but I need an experience with it. So I will be glad if there is...
Rating: 59
4 years ago
Rakesh (India)
Technology lover, Digital Savvy, Adventures, Fun loving, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enthusiastic
Rating: 40
4 years ago
Veena (India)
I am a self motivated and sincere to learn person,who is eager to learn new technologies. I am a good...
Rating: 36
4 years ago
Roman (Ukraine)
Rating: 20
4 years ago
Sudaryadi (Indonesia)
Real account
Rating: 19
4 years ago
Nyamka (Mongolia)
Accomplishment is my middle name.
Rating: 16
4 years ago
Miron Daniela (Moldova, Republic of)
Rating: 7
4 years ago