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Svetlana (Moldova, Republic of)
i enjoy learning ) used to work a lot, so i'm workaholic))))
Rating: 69 Karma: 7
8 months ago
Milic (Hungary)
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, skilled in manual testing, automated testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications, possess knowledge of basic...
Rating: 63
5 months ago
Stefan (Romania)
Rating: 10 Karma: 3
5 months ago
Oleg (Ukraine)
Motivated and result oriented. New technoligies inspire me. I like to solve the problems and work well under pressure. Responsible...
Rating: 5
6 months ago
Shivam Sharma
Rating: 5
10 months ago
Matthew James Daly
5 months ago
5 months ago
IgorZaharov (Moldova, Republic of)
Continuous leaner
5 months ago
Robert (Romania)
5 months ago
Ihor (Ukraine)
5 months ago