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Caroline (Belarus)
I have been working for 1 year as a functional tester of web applications and desktop applications. Tested mobile web...
5 days ago
6 days ago
Svetlana Cazariz
3 weeks ago
Halyna (Ukraine)
I love testing.
2 months ago
Shivam Sharma
2 months ago
Naufal Hilmi
2 months ago
Aleksandr Yoda (Ukraine)
Understand QA basics, oop principles, android studio, networking, devops technics, system administration, virtualisation technologies
3 months ago
Nastia (Ukraine)
3 months ago
Sergei (Russian Federation)
3 months ago
Abiral Khanal (Nepal)
I am a software QA engineer having skills in different fields of software testing such as test automation, manual testing,...
4 months ago