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Ruthessa May Abella (Philippines)
Rating: 6
1 year ago
Austin Pohlman (United States)
Hi, I am Austin Pohlman, and I am a software engineer with an extensive background in C, C++, and Cpython....
Rating: 6
1 year ago
Son Tung (Viet Nam)
1 month ago
Marius Dumitrascu
4 months ago
Sam Zozaya (United States)
Late 40s married father
7 months ago
JAMES (United States)
8 months ago
Lyxy Lue (Ireland)
I'm a robotics engineer currently working in cloud platform services
9 months ago
Alessandro giommi (Italy)
I am a graduated IT engineer and professional tester. I joined more than 100 test campaigns and submitted more than...
11 months ago
Breanna Sample
11 months ago
Mark (Philippines)
1 year ago