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Iliya (Bulgaria)
Passionate for assuring quality
Rating: 65 Karma: 3
7 months ago
Quy (Viet Nam)
Rating: 14
8 months ago
Edith Lara (Nicaragua)
Looking to learn more about this business
Rating: 7
9 months ago
Vijay Shrestha (Nepal)
Hello there, I am Vijay Shrestha Python developer and mobile app/game developer. I am also tech enthusiast and love writing...
Rating: 6
9 months ago
Vinh (Viet Nam)
2 days ago
Toan Tran Van (Viet Nam)
Skilled QA Engineer currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam, with 7 years' work experience in software quality assurance including...
6 days ago
Adrian (Romania)
4 weeks ago
Dinh (Viet Nam)
Passion in automation testing. Want to learn new domain business, new technology. Open, friendly and sharing.
1 month ago
Sabina Buruiana (Romania)
1 month ago
Andreea T
1 month ago