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Vitaliy (Ukraine)
I am looking for some testing job Able to work from home 6 hours per day
Rating: 52
1 year ago
Melgreg Molejon (Philippines)
I love tech and gadgets. I love to learn new things, right now I am learning Python and Django.
Rating: 1
1 year ago
Adam Łach
2 months ago
Razvan Ristea (Romania)
Experienced test engineer looking for side projects.
9 months ago
Anastasya (Ukraine)
11 months ago
Igor (Ukraine)
I'm idealist. And one thing that make me happy, is to bring quality to the product and make it better.
11 months ago
Sergei (Russian Federation)
1 year ago
1 year ago
AJ (United Kingdom)
I am an accomplished IT professional with a proven track record of over Nine years in quality assurance and validation...
1 year ago
Karthik V (India)
Very cool and easy to move on
1 year ago