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Vitaliy (Ukraine)
I am looking for some testing job Able to work from home 6 hours per day
Rating: 52
3 years ago
Melgreg Molejon (Philippines)
I love tech and gadgets. I love to learn new things, right now I am learning Python and Django.
Rating: 1
3 years ago
Adam Łach
2 years ago
Razvan Ristea (Romania)
Experienced test engineer looking for side projects.
3 years ago
Anastasya (Ukraine)
3 years ago
Igor (Ukraine)
I'm idealist. And one thing that make me happy, is to bring quality to the product and make it better.
3 years ago
Sergei (Russian Federation)
3 years ago
3 years ago
AJ (United Kingdom)
I am an accomplished IT professional with a proven track record of over Nine years in quality assurance and validation...
3 years ago
Karthik V (India)
Very cool and easy to move on
3 years ago