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Hidden (Viet Nam)
Enthusiam. Willing. Word hard play hard. Sorry i think it is easy to have 3 points of advantages and also...
Rating: 47
9 months ago
Bara (Romania)
I am a junior who, a few months ago, have decided to reconfigure his career. In the last time, I...
2 weeks ago
Stefan-Adrian (Romania)
3 weeks ago
Ivanka (Ukraine)
I have finished QA courses. And i would like to improve my technical skills in QA.
3 weeks ago
Vladimir Zvonov
Professional Software Tester with experience in testing, implementation and planning. Passion for product quality and eagerness to learn new technologies....
2 months ago
Hang (Viet Nam)
I'm 29 years old. Learn quickly new technology. Team working ability. Also able to work independently.
2 months ago
Volodymyr (Ukraine)
Working as design engineer and the same time QA
3 months ago
Uliana (Ukraine)
"Per aspera ad astra" that Latin phrase means through hardships to the stars. I like that phrase and it describes...
4 months ago
Andrii (Ukraine)
I am very thorough in my role in QA. I have strong leadership skills, communication, and assistance skills. I can...
5 months ago
Yuliia Arkhutich (Ukraine)
5 months ago