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Loredana (Romania)
Rating: 21
1 year ago
Olga (Belarus)
I'm a QA freelancer with some experience of automation with Java/Selenium. Would be glad to participate in manual testing of...
Rating: 5
1 year ago
darshan (Romania)
1 year ago
Tuan (Viet Nam)
• I have worked in Tester position for 7 years and have a lot of experience in software testing. •...
2 years ago
AJ (United Kingdom)
I am an accomplished IT professional with a proven track record of over Nine years in quality assurance and validation...
2 years ago
Kesavarao (India)
I am kesavarao Ragi (QA Automation Specialist). I am from india. I have 5 years of industrial experience working with...
2 years ago
Karthik V (India)
Very cool and easy to move on
2 years ago
Andrei Iftimia (Romania)
Always testing, never RESTing.
2 years ago
Selenium expert
2 years ago