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Justine (Philippines)
Rating: 34
4 years ago
Yogesh (India)
I'm a QA Engineer with 3+ years of experience in testing web and mobile applications. Proficient in various testing types...
Rating: 6
2 years ago
Malay Parikh (India)
A creative and detailed individual has the capacity to develop an effective and efficient solution with no tolerance for errors....
3 months ago
Aline (Belgium)
Developer-Tester in training
3 years ago
Toan Tran Van (Viet Nam)
Skilled QA Engineer currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam, with 7 years' work experience in software quality assurance including...
3 years ago
Soma Mary Samuel (India)
I am a freelance software tester who love to explore things. I am passionate for trying new domains, website and...
3 years ago