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Jimmy (Viet Nam)
I'm Nguyen Pham The Vuong. I was borned in 1989 at Vung Tau city. I'd like to ride around the...
Rating: 179
11 months ago
Irina (Ukraine)
Rating: 25
7 months ago
Kanchan (India)
1 month ago
Nikolay (Ukraine)
Manual QA Engineer in INEX TECHNOLOGIES - Performed manual testing of web projects; - Provided different types of testing: GUI,...
1 month ago
2 months ago
Alex Fletcher (Viet Nam)
Here's a joke: Developer: There is no I in TEAM Tester: We cannot spell BUGS without U
2 months ago
Kok Heng (Malaysia)
4 months ago
7 months ago
Jans Krupskis (Latvia)
8 months ago
Oksana (Ukraine)
8 months ago