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Oleg (Ukraine)
Motivated and result oriented. New technoligies inspire me. I like to solve the problems and work well under pressure. Responsible...
Rating: 5
1 year ago
Andrew (Australia)
Application developer for over 20 years
4 months ago
Ricky (United States)
I'm a founder of a Tech Startup and we are launching a networking app in about one month. After considering...
8 months ago
Süleyman Balci
9 months ago
Mateiasi Dragos (Romania)
10 months ago
Arthur (Armenia)
Punctual, reliable, open-minded and creative person, open for any challenges. Always positive and eager to learn. Will do the job...
11 months ago
Alex Fletcher (Viet Nam)
Here's a joke: Developer: There is no I in TEAM Tester: We cannot spell BUGS without U
11 months ago
Austin (United States)
Loves technology
1 year ago
Maria (Ukraine)
1 year ago
Tanya (Ukraine)
1 year ago