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Viet Nam
I'm Nguyen Pham The Vuong. I was borned in 1989 at Vung Tau city. I'd like to ride around the beach on trouble. I also like to "dating", take a party and karaoke.
I work as a QC in project. I wanna my team call me Mr. Free Time, so our project will be free of bugs
Become an expert in software testing, this is my goal.
I'm Nguyen Pham The Vuong. I was borned in 1989. I started testing job in 2011 with Gameloft, Game Dreamer, Sparksjumper and Gianty. I worked in many projects, on both iOS and android platforms. You can see some games on Appstore and Google Play store: Asphalt 8, Orders and Chaos: Duel, Endgods, Ayakashi Kiwami,...
My goal in 5 years later is becoming an expert of game mobile testing
Localization testing