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Testers with Xiaomi Redmi 4 (20 found)

Avatar Name Qualifications Devices Joined
Anatolie (Moldova, Republic of)
2 months ago
darshan (Romania)
6 months ago
Beniamin (Romania)
Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes.
6 months ago
Rodion (Ukraine)
8 months ago
Elena (Ukraine)
9 months ago
Dane Rapajic
11 months ago
Andrii (Ukraine)
1 year ago
Tuan (Viet Nam)
• I have worked in Tester position for 7 years and have a lot of experience in software testing. •...
1 year ago
Ihor (Ukraine)
I am a beginner in software testing, and I would like to develope my self. Games is my passion, so...
1 year ago
Nick (Ukraine)
1 year ago