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Passionate (India)
Professional QA Lead with 11+ years in quality assurance, including test planning and execution, Web, and mobile Apps testing. Currently...
9 months ago
Alessandro giommi (Italy)
I am a graduated IT engineer and professional tester. I joined more than 100 test campaigns and submitted more than...
10 months ago
Alexandr (Moldova, Republic of)
Young man, Who's career began with customer support in IT domain. Reliability and responsibility, adaptability and flexibility, aspiration to self-improvement,...
11 months ago
Alexandr (Moldova, Republic of)
I am a charismatic, creative person directed to progress. I like new challenges and things.
1 year ago
Sabina Sveica (Romania)
I have a vast hands-on experience of almost 5 years in game testing and 1 year and 8 months in...
1 year ago
Princess Shalini Olivera (Philippines)
I've been working as Software Quality Assurance Engineer for 4 years, ISTQB certified and QA lead for a year. I'm...
1 year ago
Hazel Joy Julaton (Philippines)
I am a BS Information Technology graduate. I have knowledge of testing software and other applications.
1 year ago
Annette Harte
Senior Software Tester
1 year ago
Software Quality Analyst
1 year ago
QA Manual Tester
1 year ago