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Saba Awan (Pakistan)
I am software engineer. I can manually test websites and other Android applications .
Rating: 4
4 years ago
Jaydeep Chowdhary (India)
Rating: 2
4 years ago
Đức Phạm Minh
2 years ago
Gezron Judah A. Parcon (Philippines)
I love to crack and find any vulnerabilities
4 years ago
Irina (Russian Federation)
— PC advanced user (Windows, MS Office, Internet, Email, special programs and applications), Databases, Microsoft SharePoint, 1C: Enterprise; — Knowledge...
4 years ago
Hazel Joy Julaton (Philippines)
I am a BS Information Technology graduate. I have knowledge of testing software and other applications.
4 years ago
Kiều Anh Sơn
4 years ago