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Gerard Paul Benavides
Has bachelor's degree in Information Technology specializing in Multimedia.

Challenged myself to fill in my lack of skill in verbal communication by working as a Customer Service Advisor where I take voice calls to resolve customer issues.

Then focused on the industry of my degree where I decided to pursue my career as a Software Quality Assurance Specialist. Task includes taking technical calls from clients, design and execute test plans, cloud migration QA, lead a small development team, and do admin stuff.

With my experience as Software QA, I was able to work with another software development company as a Software Tester. 2 months after I started, the team was able to launch a social media application on Playstore and AppStore globally.

6 months later, I was able to handle 5 on-going software projects with different platforms. Greatly improved my interpersonal communication skills during the process.

Tasks includes creating requirement specifications of a whole project, design test plan and test cases, execute tests cases (front-end & back-end testing), maintain a database of software defects, visualize data for reports, and utilize JIRA for development cycle.

I also expanded my knowledge on the field of Software Test Engineer by learning non-functional testing which includes Load and API testing. I successfully developed Load and API testing scripts and integrate it for CI/CD on one of my projects.

Currently leaning towards automation (functional) to reduce the time consumed on testing by automating most of the modules and planning to integrate CI/CD on development and staging environment of a project I'm currently handling.
Software Quality Assurance Specialist
Software QA Tester
Non-Functional Testing
Performance Tester
Customer Service Advisor