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Kristina (Bulgaria)
Rating: 3
1 year ago
duc (Viet Nam)
I'm from VietNam and I'd like to use and test foreign product (app, website, watch video, ...)
5 months ago
Anastasia (Ukraine)
11 months ago
Serhiy Rengach (Ukraine)
1 year ago
Emilia (Moldova, Republic of)
I am passionate about the world of programming and I am looking for opportunities. The knowledge acquired in the projects...
1 year ago
Lyxy Lue (Ireland)
I'm a robotics engineer currently working in cloud platform services
1 year ago
nono (Viet Nam)
Love tree, animal
1 year ago
Lilia Velcheva
1 year ago
Nataliya (Ukraine)
1 year ago
Andrei (Romania)
I have more than 6.5 years of experience and have been involved in multiple Agile projects. Currently I am working...
1 year ago