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duc (Viet Nam)
I'm from VietNam and I'd like to use and test foreign product (app, website, watch video, ...)
2 years ago
Olga (Russian Federation)
Mobile tester
3 years ago
Toan Tran Van (Viet Nam)
Skilled QA Engineer currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam, with 7 years' work experience in software quality assurance including...
3 years ago
Lyubomir (Bulgaria)
Aspiring Manual Tester with interest in Automation testing and Agile methodologies. Devoted team player, open-minded, hard-working and reliable. Experienced in...
3 years ago
Vijay Kumar
3 years ago
Zoriana Stefanyshyn (Ukraine)
QA ready to help to improve quality of your software product.
3 years ago
Oksana (Ukraine)
3 years ago
Natalia (Ukraine)
4 years ago