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IvanTurcan (Moldova, Republic of)
I'm an attentive, communicable, flexible, organized, motivated, honest, energetic, able to work as part of a team person
Rating: 4
1 year ago
Maria (Moldova, Republic of)
4 years of experience in Software QA Testing including test planning implementation and execution.
Rating: 2
1 year ago
Tammie Marie
2 months ago
Rayford Reed
3 months ago
Tester Z (Serbia and Montenegro)
Hello, I will tell you a couple of things about me here. I have a diploma from QA Manual tester,...
11 months ago
Adrian (Romania)
11 months ago
Kevin Adrias Almendras (Philippines)
I'm well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers and mobile phones. I do have...
1 year ago
Dimitar (Bulgaria)
1 year ago
Andreea Soare (Romania)
Hello! I am a young manual tester willing to experience new testing methods.
1 year ago
Pavel (Ukraine)
1 year ago