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Welcome to our Discussion Club.
You can discuss here whatever you want!
Questions for QAProvider Team about projects / payments / other stuff are welcomed.
Questions to each other are welcomed! Meet up professionals, networking, co working!
Also, you can earn money posting articles here.
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What are the qualities needed for testers?
Some ideas in this discussion will be helpful for testers who are beginners.
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Publish date: 2 months ago

QAProvider Team
Do we need to have a separate section for blogs?
Hi, all! We have to do a section where we will write about testing tools / testing news / developer tools / all IT stuff. We have some partners with their products to be reviewed by qualified testers. It is a testing software! And we want to ask some people from community to...
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Publish date: 2 months ago

What is "New bug reports notification" control for?
I can see this control at the bottom of the bug report list, and it's turned on for me, but I'm not receiving any notifications. What is this control supposed to do?
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Publish date: 2 months ago

Is this discussion tab only available for testers ?
is it only for testers or project owners can comment here too ? Suggestions and clarifications are appreciated .
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Publish date: 2 months ago

QAProvider Team
First project complete! First winners! First prizes!
Hi, all! For those who don't know and first time here! We started around 2 months ago and we grow very fast! We are happy to announce to all of you that we have finished our first project Formulas & Me. And we have a feedback from project owner. Project started at 13 May...
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Publish date: 2 months ago