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Welcome to our Discussion Club.
You can discuss here whatever you want!
Questions for QAProvider Team about projects / payments / other stuff are welcomed.
Questions to each other are welcomed! Meet up professionals, networking, co working!
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QAProvider Team
PayPal issue - Sorry, this recipient can’t accept payments right now
Hi, all! To receive money with PayPal accounts from us you need to have a business account. Otherwise it will be not possible to send the payment to you via PayPal. We just see next message: Sorry, this recipient can’t accept payments right now. If you continue to encounter problems, please contact customer...
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Publish date: 9 months ago

7 online services for testing WordPress site vulnerabilities
1. Hacker Target WordPress Security Scan https://hackertarget.com/wordpress-security-scan/2. Scanurl https://scanurl.net/3. Sucuri Website Malware and Security Scanner https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/4. SiteGuarding.com https://www.siteguarding.com/en/sitecheck5. UpGuard https://app.upguard.com/webscan6. WP Neuron WordPress Vulnerability Scanner https://wpneuron.com/wordpress-vulnerability-scanner/7. WPRecon WordPress Uptime & Security Monitoring https://wprecon.com/
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Publish date: 10 months ago

QAProvider Team
ZAP tool to perform security testing
Hi, guys! We have found this tool (ZAP) very useful for security testing of web applications and want to share this information with you. First of all it is free and open source software. Also it is one of the most active project of OWASP. Here are the link on ZAP web site...
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Publish date: 10 months ago

My first Test
Its my first time for me with your team and very confused about the requirements, can I get more details and clarification
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Publish date: 10 months ago

New to QAProvider
Hello.. I am new to QAProvider and luckily I am assigned a project to test. I really cannot understand how to start. Can anyone please guide? I checked entire site but could not find anything useful to me.  thanks
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Publish date: 10 months ago

Checklist for testing web site layout
Hi, guys. I'd like to share with you the checklist for testing web site layout. Hope it will be useful for you. 
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Publish date: 11 months ago

QAProvider Team
NUSIC Beta - Instant Mashups competition
Hi, everybody. Let's start counting our shares and announce the winners. Raja Pal with 2602 likes in instagram Shrestha Pandey with 822 likes in instagram Roman with his 583 instagram likes + 75 facebook likes, 658 in total Anna Vill Garcia - 37 likes Svetlana Carariz - 5 likes We have two more people who didn't send...
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Publish date: 11 months ago

Application / site web description
Hi all,   Few days ago i was thinking that some kind of description or tech documentation would be useful with the projects we are testing.  i understand that is more interesting to look around and throw the app/site, to find everything we can to find, to propose features and so on, but...
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Publish date: 11 months ago

Suggest what can we do to bring more projects for test?
Hi, Everyone! As part of this great community I want to ask all of you. What is your suggestion? What do you think can be helpful for bringing more new projects on the platform so we all could get benefit from that. We all have different point of view and we may...
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Publish date: 11 months ago

Mobile application testing: Checklist
Hi, I hope it will be useful for you, guys 
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Publish date: 11 months ago