Software Testing Tool reviews & how to use needed (will be paid) |
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Software Testing Tool reviews & how to use needed (will be paid)

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It is suspended option from 10/04/2019

Here we will the place with announce on software reviews that we want to have on our web site:

What should be in review:

  • Purpose & functionality of tool. What it gives for a tester?
  • How to use it? Screenshots, code examples.
  • Is it useful & comfortable comparing to other tools like that?
  • No copyrights please! All texts & screenshots will be checked. Copy-paste from other resource strictly prohibited and will not be paid.
  • Tag: Software Review

Good review examples are:

Good example from our web site that has been payed:

How to apply?

  • You have to be an expert on this tool or the field of this tool (for example, you used another one and want to try the tool that announced)
  • You have to be good in writing English texts
  • Send us a message with our Contact Form

Rewards: $5 + 10 Rating

Translation reward: You can add a translation with your native language with +$1 + 5 Rating

Conditions on rewards are actual until 31 July 2019

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Published: 4 years ago by QAProvider Team
Raja at 2019-06-08 18:21:14
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how can I submit review?

QAProvider Team replied to Raja's comment at 2019-06-08 19:41:00
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Create a discussion with tag Testing Software Review

By the way, do you have a better idea on the name of this tag?

Raja at 2019-06-08 19:52:22
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this can be the tag..everything here is related to testing so you don't have to add the word testing separately.

QAProvider Team replied to Raja's comment at 2019-06-08 19:54:55
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Ok. The main text has been updated.

Raja at 2019-07-06 18:59:58
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What will happen after 31 july ? I am planning to post tutorials of katalon studio.

John Mark replied to Raja's comment at 2019-07-08 06:14:42
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I will wait for this tutorial of Katalon. :)

QAProvider Team replied to Raja's comment at 2019-07-12 05:32:27
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The rules will be updated.

For unique articles the price will be the same.

For articles with some copy paste the price will be lower.

We will just announce this information.

smith davids at 2022-02-09 13:42:02
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I think that thanks for the valuabe information and insights you have so provided here.