How to bring more projects for test and earn more money by it |
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How to bring more projects for test and earn more money by it

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Hi Everyone,

Today I wanna talk about new referral program of QA Provider which is released yesterday.

So, as many of you have already read it, You can earn money by bringing more projects on QA Provider.

If you are in IT you can ask your friends and family who are starting there start-up and looking for people to beta test there program, So you can recommend them to use QA Provider.

But people who are not related to IT Sector also it is not very often you find someone looking for QA. But you can find many people online and I am going to tell you how? And past part is it won't gonna take too much of your time. Just several minutes can give you good chance of making money. So let's begin.

So the best place to begin with is social networking groups. Everyone of us use at least use one of these social networking sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. There are many groups available there where people want to test their projects. You can Join those groups and ask users individually they want to use our platform an try to test there app with skilled testers in multiple languages. (it won't take more than your daily social media visits)

Another way of doing that by visiting sites like Product Hunt and other similar sites. I will provide list and link of those sites below. You can visit those sites and try newly launched and Beta programs. You can use multiple types of approach there,

  1. You can try there apps find one or to Bugs and tell them about it and suggest them to use QA Provider to finding bugs in different devices and Languages.(10-20 minutes)
  2. If you are too busy for using some Apps or Finding some bugs on your own read comment on projects. It is most certain someone just already reported the bug if there is any, try to replicate and then ask them to use QA. (5-10 minutes)
  3. But if you still busy you can just let them know there is good platform name QA Provider share your link and tell them to contact with the team for beta testing. (1-2 minutes)

List of sites to start

1. Product Hunt 
2. Beta List 
3. Hacker News – Y Combinator 
4. CrunchBase 
5. StartupList 
6. Betabound 
7. The Museum of Modern Betas 
8. Go2web20 
9. PreApps 
10. Startup Tracker

Things to keeping on mind when asking someone for QA.

first of all don't just directly start telling them about QA Provider. First start by appreciating project owners application and then telling them about your experience and opinion about the project. Then tell them about any bug if you know and then suggest the QA Provider. Also while telling them about QA mention that QA has multiple language and cross country testers also there hundreds of skilled testers also common people whatever their requirement. There are multiple types of devices available from IOS to Android, Windows to MAC, Linux to Chrome OS. Whatever they need. And for more specific details provide them the referral link and mention your name also.

So this is it for now, I will let you if I find another easy or useful way. Also, if someone know better place or sites where people visit for Bets testing mention them in the comments so others will also know about it. I will keep updating about such platforms. If someone have any suggestion regarding to this thread let me know.

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Have good day!

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Published: 7 months ago by Varish
QAProvider Team at 2019-12-10 12:44:39
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Hi, Varish!

Thank you for this article!

Reddit is a good place to find project owners as well. It has subreddits for beta testing. Just an examples (there are a lot of them):

I hope this will not produce a lot of spam about us over the internet :)

Varish replied to QAProvider Team comment at 2019-12-10 13:19:29
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I also hope it won't. But we have to try at-least.

QAProvider Team at 2019-12-11 07:18:06
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Also a small guide from our experience. The list of what we do and benefits:

  • We do beta testing
  • We do crowd testing
  • We do black-box testing
  • Benefits are big coverage by devices & platforms, different point of views from the testers, fast results, a lot of bug reports & feature requests, people from all over the world testing on different languages with ability to check different localizations
  • Very useful for major releases
QAProvider Team at 2020-02-12 06:44:49
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