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Ukraine, Lviv
"Per aspera ad astra" that Latin phrase means through hardships to the stars. I like that phrase and it describes who I am and my goal in my life.
I am enjoying my life through my family, friends, traveling, my favorite job and my christian community .

For now I'm looking for something new and would like to improve quality of software. Also enjoy what am doing.
I am certificated Quality Assurance Engineer with 1 year of experience with great attention to detail and a commitment to developing and implementing continuous improvement initiatives through the collection and analysis of data.

I have experience with manual testing web applications, mobile application and Desktop application.

I have the following experience:
- executing all activities which related to Fundamental test process: planning (include: exit criteria; test approach etc.); test control (monitor and document progress, provide info on testing); analysis and design(review test basis and identify test conditions); implementation (creating test cases using techniques; test suits; creating bug report / sub-defects)
- executing different types of testing (Functional; Non-Functional; Re-testing; regression, Smoke)
- experience working with Scrum, Kanban.
- a good knowledge of MySQL, Postman, Swagger UI
- Tools which using during work: Azure, ActiveMQ, SeviceBus, FireBase, TeamCity.
- Test management tools: HipTest; TestRail, Zephyr.
Localization testing