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Jayson Cutanda Valleser
I'm currently working in a Japanese company called Kyocera. The main products we're working is about printers. I am a software test engineer. We make sure that we are building the right products that satisfy and meets the demand of customers. One of my task here is to implements effectively test execution process, finalize test results and supports in creating test product (test result summary report or test summary report). I always believe that Quality isn’t magic! Test early and test often!


• Contributes in achieving QA division and department's short-term plan
• Assumes accountability for task assignments' performance and deliverables
• Supports continuous improvement on test process that will eventually contribute to productivity and product quality enhancement


• Initiates the technical discussions and tasks in their respective domains
• Section’s office supplies and purchase request in-charge

Assigned Task Management

• Applies section manager’s direction on how to effectively approach task assignments, as necessary
• Maximizes one’s resources' (effort, machines, materials, etc.) utilization
• Ensures task assignments' timely completion
• Effectively executes test preparation phase’s, but not limited to the following, task scope:
• Reviews and contributes to the development of test plans
• Analyzes, reviews and assesses test bases user requirements, specifications and models for testability
• Creates test specifications from the test basis
• Sets up the test environment • Prepares and acquires/copies/creates test data
• Effectively executes test execution phase’s, but not limited to the following, task scope:
• Implements tests on all test levels, executes and logs the tests, evaluates the results and documents the deviations from expected results as defects
• Automates tests, if applicable
• Reviews tests developed by other testers
• Effectively executes configuration management’s task scope
• Effectively executes progress monitoring and control process’ task scope
• Uses test administration or management and test monitoring tools, as required
• Effectively executes test completion phase’s task scope


• Frequently interacts with superiors and colleagues
• Exercises judgment within defined procedures and policies to determine appropriate actions Escalates concerns and/or issues, using sound judgment, as it happen
Localization testing