Suggest what can we do to bring more projects for test? |
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Suggest what can we do to bring more projects for test?

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Hi, Everyone!

As part of this great community I want to ask all of you. What is your suggestion? What do you think can be helpful for bringing more new projects on the platform so we all could get benefit from that.

We all have different point of view and we may can come up on something great. Take your time and suggest and join hands together.

Earlier we have worked as community for testing now we have to work as community to making this platform more better.

As part of my effort I have suggested referral program for testers to bring projects. I recommend everyone to read that and give more suggestion.

Link to my Article about referral program

Expecting an input from everyone and it could be anything we are not judging here anyone, so feel free to say whatever you want.

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Published: 7 months ago by Varish
Raja at 2020-01-31 11:22:21
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There are so many freelancing apps and websites like , , truelancer, fever, upwork etc. One thing that can be done is we can create a freelancer account in the name of QAProvider where all the portfolios of projects will be there along with the benefits of crowd testing. This way we can attract more projects.

Varish at 2020-01-31 11:29:47
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Wow! Great suggestion Raja. Share other thoughts like these also.

I believe Maxim will surely consider this.

Roman at 2020-02-04 08:22:01
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We can use Linkedin to search for new projects.