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Welcome to our Discussion Club.
You can discuss here whatever you want!
Questions for QAProvider Team about projects / payments / other stuff are welcomed.
Questions to each other are welcomed! Meet up professionals, networking, co working!
Also, you can earn money posting articles here.
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Discussion club should be promoted properly
I saw a discussion by one of the testers that has 430+ views but only 13likes/karma. People should know how things work. The post is indeed valuable for everyone , posts like this should be appreciated.
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Publish date: 8 months ago

5 reasons why you should use DevTools for testing
As we all know, testing is very useful and must be used on all kinds of projects to guarantee the proper level of quality. Being a tester nowadays means being a "Guardian of Quality", who will bravely find the nasty bugs and help to exile them from the product forever....
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Publish date: 8 months ago

How I feel about QAProvider :)
I've been working as a QA for a couple of years now. Started as a trainee and now I am a QA Lead of a great project in one Ukrainian IT company. I have always been passionate about my job, and what I do every day. And you know what?...
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Publish date: 8 months ago

This is what karma does
Thank you qaprovider for this.  Ignore my phone's charge.it's alive somehow 
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Publish date: 8 months ago

Help each other to increase karma
Come on everyone.. Lets help each other.:-P :-P :-P :-P :-$ 
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Publish date: 8 months ago

QAProvider Team
Software Testing Tool reviews & how to use needed (will be paid)
It is suspended option from 10/04/2019 Here we will the place with announce on software reviews that we want to have on our web site: LambdaTest (review, how to use)JMeter (how to use) (already done JMeter - How to use)Katalon Studio (how to use, examples)Send us your offer about another tool (the...
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Publish date: 8 months ago

QAProvider Team
New feature - Feedback
New feature released - Feedback from project owners. All project owners will be allowed to leave a feedback on theirs projects. All web site users allowed to read a feedback!   Regards, QAProvider Team
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Publish date: 8 months ago

QAProvider Team
Will you join our referral program or not?
Hi, all! We just want to announce our referral program and ask your opinion. Will you join it or not? https://qaprovider.com/referral-program If you have any suggestions, please, leave a comment to us!   Regards, QAProvider Team
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Publish date: 8 months ago

What are the qualities needed for testers?
Some ideas in this discussion will be helpful for testers who are beginners.
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Publish date: 8 months ago

QAProvider Team
Do we need to have a separate section for blogs?
Hi, all! We have to do a section where we will write about testing tools / testing news / developer tools / all IT stuff. We have some partners with their products to be reviewed by qualified testers. It is a testing software! And we want to ask some people from community to...
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Publish date: 8 months ago