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Katalon Studio Tutorial -- Create Test Case using Script Mode

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How to create & run test  in Katalon Studio using Script Mode


Step 1 - Download & Open Katalon Studio

  • Download Katalon Studio from here.
  • You have to Sign up in order to download Katalon Studio
  • After downloading, open katalon.exe (create desktop shortcut for future)
  • Click on New Project and give name to the project
  • Click on OK

Step 2 - Create Test Case

  • After the project is created, click on the "+" button & select Test Case
  • Give name to the test case and click OK
  • A window like this will be created(Test Case window)

Step 3 - Open Spy Web & record objects

  • Suppose we want to test some actions of  qaprovider.com , Add this URL in spy web and start recording
  • A chrome window will be opened automatically
  • Instead of recording actions, we will capture objects using ALT+` 
  • In the image I put my cursor on Got it button(I didn't click) & I pressed ALT+` to capture the object corresponding to that button

Step 4 - Open Script Mode & Write Test using WebUI keywords

  • Close the Spy Web & open Script editor from Test case(see at the bottom, there is a script tab, open that)
  • Inside script editor there are some default packages already imported by Katalon itself.
  • We are testing a website, so we will write scripts using WebUI keywords(to open browser, close browser, verify element etc)
  • Follow the keywords accordingly
  • Know more about Katalon's built-in keywords from Keywords Browser
  • These are some basic WebUI keyword that are present in Katalon. The format to write is WebUI.keyword(object_id)
  • We can use drag & drop facility to add object_id to the keyword.
  • N.B. the 0 inside braces indicates time delay
  • The final test will look like this with 5 actions to perform.

Step 5 - Run the Test to validate

  • Save the script & hit the Run button from toolbar
  • A browser window will be opened & all the actions will be repeated automatically
  • Status of every action will be displayed in the log viewer
  • We have 5 actions in total & in the log viewer we can see status of each of them

So what we have done here? 

We have created a test where we will open the website in browser, check the functionality of two buttons(Got it, expand_menu), verify if Become a Tester is present or not & close browser.

Everything in this test has been written in script mode. This is how we can create & execute tests in script mode in Katalon Studio.


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