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The experience on QAProvider has been excellent, the support we received from Max and the team has been consistently awesome.

Through having our Beta available on this site we have been able to identify some of the problems with our App and get some of them fixed already. I am only a bit disappointed that it came to an end so soon, and wish that we had been better prepared to take full advantage of the opportunity.

There are so many Beta testing websites & communities around which promise the world but deliver very little, whereas on QAProvider our expectations were radically exceeded! I believe that in the future QAProvider could be a one-stop solution for Beta testing, and I noted that some interesting features such as being able to mark features as complete after they have been suggested are very powerful, if this feature could be integrated into a project management tool such as Asana it wold be really compelling and save us a lot of time.

I would also suggest that the internal messaging system be improved so we can communicate more easily with each of the testers directly and suggest making a comprehensive introduction as to what to expect prior to submitting the project, we certainly found it somewhat overwhelming as there were constant requests to use our app and so many features requested!

I will definitely tell my friends who are developing Apps about this resource and look forward to staying engaged with the community here and each of the testers who tried our App.

Congratulations to the Top 10 - Amazon Vouchers are on their way to you!


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Posted: 4 years ago