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Overall, my experience with QAProvider has been great, from initial contact to successful conclusion of the beta test. The team provided a lot of support - drafting a test procedure, setting up a site where testers could deploy Visipops tracking code, and helping manage the Q&A with testers.

The team initially spent time with the Visipops platform in order to really understand how it works - this helped a lot with managing the test later.

The quality of the feedback that we received from testers was excellent, and the process allowed us to identify and then fix a large number of bugs. Visipops is about to launch to the public and I feel that we're now in a much better place and have a more robust platform. QAProvider helped a lot with this.

I will recommend QAProvider to others and wish the team best of luck for the site.


Markus, Founder, Visipops

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Posted: 4 years ago