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iOS+Android application testing (bughunt)

Prizes: Rating + $$$ from QAProvider

Our application is made to provide books for kids - interesting, colorful and engaging just like hard copy, but in digital format. Our app is very easy to use - once you purchase an auto-renewable subscription, your kid can read or listen to any book in the app all by him or herself. Our application is available in 6 languages, but we have the most books in English, Chinese and Russian languages for now.

Scope for testing:

  • Functional testing
  • Feature testing
  • Usability testing
  • Localisation testing (English, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Spain

Please, read the guide how to report videos from mobile before submit application:

  • All Android versions
  • All iOS versions
  • Manual testing
  • UI/UX Tester
  • Functional Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • English localisation test
  • German localisation test
  • French localisation test
  • Spanish localisation test
  • Russian localisation test
  • Chinese localisation test
Last Updates


The project has been finished! Thank you all for testing. Next week all the rest reports will be reviewed by project owner. All the rest rating points will be given. And after this we will share the prize pool regarding your impact calculated by rating.


Not much testing from iOS devices, version 12+


French and Chinese are not tested well. Probably there are some bugs still persist there.


Most of the reports are found on Android application. Not too much tests on iOS devices.

This part of project description gives you the right way where you search for bugs.
Last updates that are something that might have bugs.
Earlier updates probably were tested before.
Do you want to apply on testing this project?