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Posted: 4 years ago

What are QAProvider ratings?

QAProvider’s ratings show how you have scored on the actions. It is a reflection of your experience, qualifications and quality as a tester. The more projects you complete successfully the higher rating you will have.

What do QAProvider ratings do for me?

Projects provide compensation in two ways – remuneration or gifts. Once you join a project you are eligible for the compensation. Typically, to be eligible to join a payed project with considerably higher compensation, you need to be a qualified tester with a rating.

How do I increase my rating? 

If you already have rating just keep going! 

If you have zero rating then you can start with any free project.

Students or no-budget projects are welcome to use the platform, which is where these projects come from. To help get you started, you can also join our free project for testing to help us find any glitches (yes, this happens!) within the QAProvider website, or send us a request for a feature you think would help make the website better.

However, you are still allowed to apply to projects with compensation. If you decide to do this, explain to the client how your experience makes you a great candidate for the project. You never know, they may accept your application. We also recommend to complete your profile, so the project owner can see your qualifications.

What actions increase my rating?

Almost all actions as a tester on the website will give you rating between 1-5, with 5 being the best. Project owners will rate you on part or all of the actions listed below, depending on what has been asked of you to test.

  • Completed tasks
  • Quality of reporting where comments and suggestions are insightful, useful and can be implemented. You will provide feedback on all or some of the following: bug reports, general feedback and feature requests.
  • Bug verification
  • Voting for feature requests for QAProvider in our internal free project (coming soon)

Please note that the rating system is subject to change as QAProvider evolves as a business. Users with active applications will be notified of any changes or updates.

What actions decrease my rating?

We understand that there are wide varieties and scopes of projects. We support your creativity and encourage you to express your ideas in your applications and reporting. If you are showing that you are investing authentic energy into applications and reporting, being declined to join a project or submitting a report that was different from what the project owner was looking for will not decrease your rating.

You will not be rated or your rating will be decreased if the authenticity of your application or reporting is not sincere. To ensure that QAProvider is supplying project owners with high quality personnel, persons who focus on quantity over quality by continuously applying for projects for which they are not qualified for and/or provide insufficient or copy-and-paste reports will be contacted by QAProvider. Repeat offenders will be banned from the QAProvider community.

If you feel you are not qualified enough don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If we see that you’re doing something wrong we will notify you and give you suggestions on how to become better. QAProvider is only as great as it’s community, so we will do everything we can to support your growth and become a qualified expert. 

Who is leading the testing ratings?

Want to get on top of the tester rating leaderboard? Have a look at the testers rating page to see who you’re up against. Friendly-competition is always fun! We hope to crown you the leader soon!

We’d appreciate your feedback.

No one likes boring, so we’d love to gather your feature requests on how to make QAProvider more fun! We invite you to join our project and submit your suggestions. When you join and participate in providing bug reports, general feedback and feature requests we are providing remuneration even if the project is classified as free!

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