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Tri Ayuningsih
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
I have been working in IT Companies for more than 2 years. I used to work under pressure and in tight schedule.
I took short course program in Binar Academy in Indonesia. I learned a lot of QA such as the process, SCRUM method, involved in team project as QA, checked the API using postman and load test using Node Js, and did automated testing using selenium web driver with Ruby programming language. I also did some exercises using Katalon studio and Appium.
I previously worked as Game Tester in a multinational company in Indonesia. I tested gameplay and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Being Game Tester, I had involved on many game development projects.
I continued my career as Software Quality Assurance. I checked variant websites types such as Marine Site, Property Site, Non Marine Site, eCommerce Site, and machinery site. I am able to do manual checking both on cross browsers and responsive.
Currently, I am working as QA Engineering. I learned to do automation testing in mobile using Appium and Vsiual Studio with C#. We also use Postman to check the API. The new skill has improved my ability in testing. The other side, it's a new experience for me to check mobile application and I can prove that I am able to do my job as QA
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