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Software Quality Engineer with almost 7 years of experience in software quality testing. Can be able to perform both manual and automation testing. Create with version control system test documents & reports. With vast knowledge in software quality operations between Multinational company vs StartUp company, experienced in software development industry specially for market and non-market release software products. Also with almost 5 years of experience in Software QA Lead role which can be able to create roadmaps/planning, quality processes, conduct training, review test documents and results. Coordinates Product Manager, Devs, and other stakeholders regarding the defects and issues, Test schedules, Executions and Reports. Always focus on delivering high quality software products and maintaining a good record of customer satisfaction index.
***Current Company***
Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer / Automation Test Engineer
Oct 2018 – Present

* Produce a well-structured roadmap that aligns with key deliverables from Production Team
* Define and establish formal QA processes, regular duties, strategies, plans and standards to use in the company
* Create an effective mitigation plan to foresee and reduce risks
* Create test document templates, reviewing test documents including software test case specification and test results
* Report progress, plans, and problems to upper management and other involved parties throughout all phases of product development.
* Develop and maintain shared testing libraries (Version Control System)
* Provide leadership, Coach, Mentor, and Train Team members
* Manage performance evaluation using MBO (Management By Objectives) and hiring.
* Create/maintaining automation scripts or test cases for smoke/sanity test & regression test

* Web Browser Testing & Mobile (Native & Web application) Testing
* Manual Testing: Functional & Non-Functional Testing
* Application Under Test (AUT), System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
* Regression Testing, Retesting, and Exploratory Testing
* OWASP Security Testing (Manual & Automation)
* Provide testing documents & Report with VCS (Version Control System)
* Automation Testing: Functional Automation Testing & End-to-End Testing

Software Quality Engineer
Company Name : Samsung Electronics Full-time
Dates Employed : Jun 2013 – Sep 2018
Employment Duration : 5 yrs 4 mos
Location : McKinley Hill Cyber Park, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines

* Created Testing Roadmaps, Apply Test Processes, Established Testing Environment complied in HQ requirements
* Develop and maintain shared testing libraries with VCS (Version Control System)
* Created / Reviewing Test Documents (Test Plan, Software Test Case Specification & System Test Report)
* Consolidated and managed overall quality reports

* Established Test Automation Environment (using Robot Framework + Selenium + Sikuli)
* Created Automation Test Scripts

* Coordinates with the project leads & developers to track project progress and for assessing problems that needs resolution and verification
* Coordinates with foreign business managers in collecting requirements for the project completeness and accuracy

* Manual Testing: Functional & Non-Functional Testing
* Application Under Test (AUT), System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
* Regression Testing, Retesting, Exploratory Testing
* Automation Testing: Functional Automation Testing & End-to-End Testing

○ Software Integration Testing Lab – Samsung HQ (Korea) (2018 April ~ September)
• 5G Network Planning Solution – Web-Based Application

○ Mobile Intelligence Lab (2017)
• Samsung FOCUS 2.0
• Knox Customization Configurator (2017)

○ Advanced Solutions Lab (2015 ~ 2016)
• Web Portal
• Printing Apps Center 2.0
• Web-Based Instructional Management System & Conference (Web IMS)
• Enterprise Secured Unified Communication Suite (ESUCS)
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR Printer)
• Samsung Knox Applications
(1.) Contacts (2.) Email (3.) Calendar (4.) Files (5.) Retail Mode (6.) Customization Configurator

○ Mobile Solutions Lab (2014)
• AU & NZ Projects (Google Approval Testing)
• Field Test Reporting (Sanity Testing)

○ Media Solutions Lab (June 24, 2013)
• Samsung Hub Application (E-Learning App)
Localization testing