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We do testing for all kind of applications & web sites.

If you are a tester join our community and participate in beta tests. You can find the latest projects on tests from the menu Tests -> Projects. It is a payable opportunity.

If you are a project owner you can register with us and send your project to test.

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iOS+Android application testing (bughunt)
01 Dec 2019

Translation of feedback: Maxim, good afternoon  The experience was great, I liked it. From the point of view of the idea of crowd testing I gained everything that I had hoped - a lot of users and devices give good results, especially on android ( all the reports on iOS repeated the same feedback that my previous testers had conducted).  Overall, very worthy. I wouldn’t say that I would test each build this...

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Windows software testing on low resolution screens
10 Oct 2019

We prepared new version of our app, but it didn't sell well enough. We've been struggling to find the reason. Hopefully, testers at were able to find several serious problems in our new version. After fixing these issues, new version started selling much better than before. Ivan, owner at 

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NUSIC Beta - Mashup DJ
24 Jun 2019

The experience on QAProvider has been excellent, the support we received from Max and the team has been consistently awesome. Through having our Beta available on this site we have been able to identify some of the problems with our App and get some of them fixed already. I am only a bit disappointed that it came to an end so soon, and wish that we had been better prepared to...

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Checklist for testing web site layout
Hi, guys. I'd like to share with you the checklist for testing web site layout. Hope it will be useful for you. 
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Publish date: 2 weeks ago

QAProvider Team
NUSIC Beta - Instant Mashups competition
Hi, everybody. Let's start counting our shares and announce the winners. Raja Pal with 2602 likes in instagram Shrestha Pandey with 822 likes in instagram Roman with his 583 instagram likes + 75 facebook likes, 658 in total Anna Vill Garcia - 37 likes Svetlana Carariz - 5 likes We have two more people who didn't send...
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Publish date: 2 weeks ago

Application / site web description
Hi all,   Few days ago i was thinking that some kind of description or tech documentation would be useful with the projects we are testing.  i understand that is more interesting to look around and throw the app/site, to find everything we can to find, to propose features and so on, but...
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Publish date: 2 weeks ago